Lip FIller

Lip Injections are one of Doctor Hoffman's favorite procedures.

Full lips have been associated with beauty since long ago. 

Unfortunately, as we age, lip fat diminishes. 
Collagen degenerates. 

The result can be thin, wrinkly lips.

Especially in women, the top lip can become really thin.

At Long Island Botox and Rejuvenation Center, 

Dr. Debra Hoffman has a solution. 

 Juvederm XC or Juvederm XC Plus (dermal filler) 

injected properly into the lips and border of the lips 

will restore your lips to their youthful fullness and beauty. 

Small amounts of  lip filler are added as you go

through the lip injection process. ​

Dr. Hoffman will have you look in the mirror at intervals 

and decide together if more product is needed.

In this fashion, Your lip filler will not look overdone, just restored.

​Topical numbing agents are placed on the lips to minimize pain.

As well as ice packs to minimize pain and bruising.

Dr. Debra Hoffman's Merrick, NY office serves Bellmore, NY, Massapequa, NY and the surrounding Long Island area.